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About Us - Wills Avocados and the Brokaw Nursery
The best quality avocados... for sale online!
About Will's Avocados
All about Will's Avocados and Brokaw Nursery

Who We Are

The Brokaw family has 50 years of experience growing California avocados, citrus and specialty subtropical tree fruits. Our operations are mostly based in Ventura County, but we also have farms in southern Monterey County. We sell these products at farmers' markets, and we sell our premium, top quality avocados over the Internet via our online avocado store.

Will Brokaw, with the help of competent employees and a constantly evolving production system, personally manages the handling of this fruit.

Our Produce

We seasonally purvey Gwen, Hass and Reed avocados.

We also grow Clementine and Gold Nugget ("Pixie-like") mandarins, White Malaysian guavas, cherimoyas, California mangos, Miewa and Nagami kumquats, Moro Blood oranges, Washington and various late Navel oranges, Valencia oranges, Bearss limes and Eureka lemons.

Why Our Produce is Special

Our Watsonville facility is very small, so we have to operate with a quick turnaround time thus insuring maximum freshness. For example, we can easily guarantee that our ripe avocados will stay 100% perfect (if refrigerated) for at least one week. Seriously!

Our hard avocados, delivered wholesale or by mail-order, are guaranteed no more than one day off the tree (at the time of mailing), with zero refrigeration time. This, and our gentle handling, ensures the very highest quality and "storageability."

The Brokaw Family: 50 years of avocados

Hank and Ellen Brokaw started a backyard avocado and citrus nursery as a side business to a full-time teaching job in the mid-50s. Eventually, they started operating avocado ranches in the late-60s.

We have been farming our Santa Paula ranch ( Ventura County), Cheravo, for almost 30 years. We also have a smaller farming operation in Soledad ( Monterey County).

Our Handling Philosophy

Picking fruit at sufficient maturity and retailing it in the shortest amount of time has a huge impact on fruit quality. We promise maximum maturity and minimum storage time; we thereby provide a constant, high-quality product.

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