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Avocado Links
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Avocado Web Links
Trustworthy Avocado Sites and Information
By Will Brokaw

Will Brokaw. (Photograph courtesy of Eric Smith)
Brokaw Nursery
This is the official website for the Brokaw family avocado and citrus nursery. It has extensive advanced/professional growing techniques (less geared to the backyard grower than that of the CAC site), a research article library, references to varieties with recently completed or pending patent applications and orchard tree care input calculators.

Avocado Nutrition Data
This is an excellent quantitative explanation of avocado nutrition for all commercial varieties of avocado.

Avocado Health Information from Whole Health MD
This has information about the healthy properties of the avocado. It features a library menu with text explanations of each individual avocado nutrient!

California Avocado Commission
This site provides avocado skincare info, nutrition info, and extensive recipes for both home and professional food service needs. It also contains interesting, anecdotal and useful information for the avocado enthusiast.

Avocado Research Information
This has a searchable library of avocado research, journal papers, articles and documents. It also contains extensive knowledge for the professional in advanced growing and handling techniques.

The "Avocado" Entry at the Wikipedia
The wiki (online encyclopedia) entry on the avocado.

Avocado Fruit Facts
This has information from California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources Avocado Information
This has excellent professional tree/orchard care information, a good variety list and enthusiast knowledge in history, maturity and fruit color and shape.

Califonia Rare Fruit Growers
This features a nice botanical avocado exegesis. It is a great reference for "foodies" interested in avocados and other exotic sub-tropicals.

Avocado Recipes from What's Cooking in America
This site contains an awesome recipe section with some anecdotal avocado history.

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