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Avocado Recipes
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Avocado Recipes
How to use avocado on almost every dish
By Will Brokaw

Avocados make any salad a gourmet meal.
I come from a family with a 50 year history in the avocado industry. I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by avocados. You’d think that I’d be sick of them by now.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I put fresh avocado (in moderately large amounts) on virtually all entrees.

Here are some of my favorite serving ideas that you can try on your own.

Fresh sliced avocado on a freshly baked pizza (preferably a quality New York style cheese pizza) is delicious and easy.

Salads. Fresh avocado cut into cubes is great in most (if not all) salads.

Soup. Avocado is perfect when added to hot served soup as a moderately heavy garnish, as one might do with freshly baked croutons or graded cheese.

For a quick snack, try avocado and tomato on wheat toast
Pasta. I like dumping fresh avocado cubes on a freshly served pasta primavera, just after the freshly grated parmesan has melted a bit.

Alacarte. I often prepare avocado slices drenched in lime juice and garlic salt as an appetizer or light snack.

If you are an avid or professional food preparer, you will find a plethora of additional avocado recipes and serving ideas at the California Avocado Commission, and the avocado section of the What's Cooking America site.

In any event, you should be able to use avocado on just about any standard recipe to taste. Good eating!

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