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Other Fruits - Citrus and Subtropicals - Sapotes, cherimoyas, guavas, and more
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Our Other Fruits
Brokaw also produces Citrus and Subtropicals

Brokaw Citrus.

Most of the citrus varieties we grow are available in supermarkets. Despite the similarity in varieties, ours will be of greater quality simply because they are fresher. A couple of citrus varieties that you may not find in supermarkets are our Gold Nugget mandarins and Miewa kumquats.

Gold Nugget mandarins (known as Pixie-like to our farmers' market regulars) are probably the best mandarin I've personally ever tasted. They are seedless and compared to the dominant Sastuma and Clementine varieties, they're sweeter, have a stronger flavor and have an invigoratingly crisp texture.

We don't begin harvesting Gold Nuggets until mid-March. By this time, the vast majority of Clementines and Satsumas sold in supermarkets have already been off the tree and in cold storage for 3-4 months. This gives our Gold Nugget variety an insurmountable competitive advantage in freshness and quality.

Our Miewa kumquats are sweeter than the more traditional Nagami kumquats. I feel that they are better for hand to mouth consumption than the Nagami though not as ideal for marbalade or baking in general which often benefits from a more acidic and potent citrus.

Other Subtropical Tree Fruits

We grow white sapotes, cherimoyas, and guavas, all of which are readily available at higher quality food stores. Our guavas, however, we've learned are special due to customer feedback.

Most of our guava customers are immigrants from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Central/South America. We are consistently told that they are superior to any that are available in specialty fruit markets. Even though we charge a lot of money for them, they still command a strong following.

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